Planning prerequisites

Minimum Requirements

Epicflow requires minimum planning to set-up a plan. The project network is the basis for all Epicflows algorithms.

  1. Order of tasks,
  2. Role or resource group,
  3. A rough estimation of work,
  4. Delivery date

How much task detail?

Till which extend to I have to detail my tasks? This is a frequently asked question on which we can’t give you a uniform answer. In general, you have to break it up into manageable sizes. For a project of a few months, a manageable size can be 20 to max 40 hours of work. It also depends on the nature of work. If you the progress of your work is well measurable, like installing meters of cable, a large task is not a problem since you will be quite able to estimate the remaining hours. Hence, we give you some guidelines.

Too less detail

Sufficient details: If B is required during the execution of A, split A into A1 and A2. Meaning: A2 can only start when one A1 and B are ready.

Too much detail

If A1 and A2 have no other successors and A2 and A3 have no other predecessors, these tasks can be replaced by a single task if they are executed by the same resource.

No unnecessary details; unless there is a good reason for it

Note that a good reason can be to the size of the task. For tracking purposes, you can decide to break the task up in manageable deliverables.


How much Network detail?

The relations in a network are very important to Epicflow. It drives the priority calculations and the load calculations. The question is how much detail is required?

In the example below, you see two networks. The first “complicated” network has 16 relations and the “manageable” network has only 3 relations. Hence, both networks have the same outcome. When analyzing the network one can see that in order to start the three latest tasks all first five tasks must be completed. In the “Manageable” network this is simplified by grouping the first 5 and the last 3 task in summary tasks. So the link between the summary tasks replaces 12 links between tasks.

Complicated network


Manageable network


The example is taken from MS-project, but the idea is generally applicable. In Jira, for example, a summary task is an Epic or a Story.



Updated on December 12, 2018

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