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Resource management overall overview

Resource Management

Resource Management is a fundamental part of the concept of Epicflow which allows you to control and manage the capacity, availability and belonging of each imported resource to a groups in the Epicfow system. It’s dedicated to be used by Project Managers who want to run projects at the resource level and keep balance between the workloads and the actual capacity, and follow Epicflow’s approaches of project management from the perspective of resource availability.

  • To go to the RESOURCE MANAGEMENT page you need to select menu item Resource Management.

Screen #1– Resource Management 

The resources are divided accordingly between groups that were imported from Jira or CSV or MS Project environment, depending on the tool you’re using in tandem with Epicflow right now.  All resources and groups in Epicflow can be mapped to external resources on import but you also allowed to create groups and users only in Epicflow system.


Project Manager should always pay attention to Resource Groups management and their roles in the workflow process.

Resource Management elements

  • To create a user in Epicflow press “plus” icon located above the users list in the top left corner of the page. On this action you’ll be redirected to User Card frame in which you’ll need to specify all mandatory information such as user name, role, email address and finish user creation by granting confirmation via pressing “Save changes” button.

Screen #2– “New user” button

  • To invite user into Epicflow system press left mouse button on the user name to open User Card and specify email address in corresponding field. As soon as previous action is done press “Invite” button appeared at the bottom of the frame page to finish invite procedure.

    • To map(link) external resource to previously created user in Epicflow open “Unmapped Resources” tab and drag required user from the Users list directly to the name of previously created one. To create new resource\user and map(link) such to external one open “Unmapped Resources” tab and press “plus” icon located to the left from the User’s name.

    • To unlink external resource with the user in epicflow hover over mouse cursor on the user name and after the click of left mouse button on “three dots” icon menu, located to the right from such, press “trash” button in front of the specified link in newly appeared “External Resources” context frame.

    • To delete user from Epicflow press left mouse button on “three dots” icon menu, located to the right from such, and press “Delete user” button in newly appeared context menu.


      Number of links of External Resources to the user in Epicflow is not limited. Nevertheless External Resource can be linked only to one user, after which appropriate record will disappear from the Users list at Unmapped Resources tab.


      For each user not invited into the system or which is pending for invitation confirmation special icon is displayed to the right from the user name.

Updated on December 12, 2018

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